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Q'Mark Electric Heaters by Marley

Don Burger Inc. sells Q'Mark electric comfort conditioning electric heaters.

Q'Mark is the leading brand of electric heaters for residential, commercial, and light industrial heating.

Q'Mark provides a complete line of electric heaters.  Electric heating is 100% efficient.  This means that 100% of the energy put into the heater is used to make heat.  Unlike a light bulb, which makes light AND heat, which is inefficient.  Electric heat is the easiest type of heat to control and is the easiest to locate, no pipes, water lines or exhaust vents required.

Please note that when heating any space or location the heater has to put more watts of heat into the space than there are watts of heat loss leaving the space.  Careful attention to amp loads and voltages are also needed when installing electric heat.  When buying a plug in heater, the highest wattage for 120 volts is usually 1500 which draws 12.5 amps. Only one heater per circuit can be plugged in.  We can size the heating load for you.

Baseboards Heaters - Probably the most common type of electric heat for homes, used around the perimeter of a room, the electric element creates a convection of air in the space, heating the air and walls forming a barrier from the cooler outdoors.  Each room can be controlled individually.  Family homes, mobile homes, institutions and apartments are many places electric baseboards is installed.  Baseboards can be from 2 feet long to 8 feet long, 400 to 2000 watts and 120 or 240 volts. Q'Mark has the 2500 series (Standard series), QMKC (Commercial series), CBD (Heavy-Duty Commercial) and HBB (Hydronic Baseboard).

Wall Heaters - Electric wall heaters are the # 2 type of electric heater for home, offices, institutions, entry ways, lobbies, sunrooms, bathrooms, garages, attics or basements.  The Wall heater incorporates a fan to pull in the cool air and push the air out across the electric heating elements. Wall heaters tend to change the air temperature across the elements about 40 or 50 degrees.  The heaters need to be used in an enclosed space so the the air can be reheated to get to the desired temperature.  Types of Q'Mark Wall heaters are the SmartSeries (SSAR, SSHO, HT), AWH, CWH, GFR, QFG, LFK, SED, ECP, CRA, EFQ, 1235 Economy.

Specialty Electric Comfort Heaters - Q'Mark has some specialty heaters for sopt heating in unique places. The QTS Toe Space heater, the FDI Floor Drop-In heater, the WHT Utility Well HOuse Heater and the CFW counterflow electric wall furnace.

Ceiling Heaters - Q'Mark Ceiling Heaters are a subset of wall heaters.  These are designed for blowing heat down from the ceiling usually used in vestibules, entryways, hallways, workshops and restrooms.  These electric heaters can be surface mounted or recessed into the ceiling.  Advantages are the the floors and walls are kept free of the heating system and in dirty areas, the intake air is cleaner than drawing from the floor area.  Types of Q'Mark Ceiling heaters are the CDF, EFF and QCH.

Unit Heaters - Q'Mark unit heaters are the industry leader of unit heaters, being the most specified and used for heating warehouses, garages, maintenance sheds, utility sheds, shops, power stations, ships, aircraft hangers, and greenhouses.  Unit heaters supply freeze protection and supplementary heat.  Built in controls can make for an easy installation and an optional summer fan-only switch can supply air movement in places where this is desired. Cabinet Unit heaters are a subset of Unit heaters. Cabinet units heaters can be more stylish and are used in schools, hallways, libraries, offices, churches, hospitals, airports, dorms, and stairways.  Q'Mark unit heaters include CUS900, CO900, CHPR25, MWUH, MUH, MSPH and IUH heaters.

Speciality Unit Heaters - Q'Mark offers specialty unit heaters for extreme locations.  These include the GUX explosion-proff unit heater, the JUW wash down unit heater, the ICG explosion-proof convection heater, the MSDH high temperature electric blower heater, TMX Mobile Warming heater and the MEDH portable unit heater.

Convection Heaters - Are high end baseboard heaters with larger heating capacities and architectural design.  Q'Mark convectors and be custom made to fit the corridor, room dimensions, curves and design.  Types of Q'Mark Convection heaters are KCJ (Institional), DBA and SHA (Architectural), DBSL (Slimline), DBSL (Draft Barrier), CSH (Sill-Height Convectors) DSH (Decorative Sill-Height convectors) and the DPH/CPH (pedestal convection heaters).

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