Friday, May 31, 2013

Q'Mark AWH Wall Heaters


The QMark AWH wall heater is the industry standard architectural wall heater used in hotel and restaurant vestibules and entry-ways.  The AWH wall heater is commercial ready and has a tamper resistant thermostat.

QMark’s high-capacity, heavy-duty fan-forced wall heaters are designed for use almost anywhere in commercial or industrial areas requiring high capacity and quick recovery. They perform exceptionally well in such applications as motels, entryways, stores, public rest rooms, warehouses and other large, hard to heat areas.

• 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 4800 watts; 120, 208, 240, 277 volts; 60 hz.
• Steel finned metal sheath electric heating elements with low sheath temperatures provide uniform heat and long service life.
• Closely spaced grille bars discourage insertion of foreign objects and direct air downward to effectively distribute heat…keep floors warm and dry.
• Integral thermostat for quick installation… separate thermostat not necessary. (Range: 40° - 90°F.) AWH has tamper resistant thermostat adjustable with a narrow blade screwdriver through the bar grille.
• Thermal overheat protector disconnects power in case of overheating due to accidental blockage.
• Built-in power disconnect switch for added safety during maintenance.
• Built-in fan delay switch energizes fan motor only after elements are heated…prevents discharge of unheated air. When heat shuts off, de-energizes fan motor after residual heat has been dissipated.
• Can be wired with standard 90°C wire.
• Permanently lubricated totally enclosed fan motor provides long life and low maintenance; gently distributes warmth throughout room area. 100 CFM.
• Contemporary steel bar grille with baked enamel finish and satin finished aluminum frame…retains attractive appearance through years of use.
• Optional accessory power control relays (24 or 120V holding coil) or pneumatic electric (P/E) switch.
• Recess or surface mount in standard 2” x 4” stud walls.
[Northern White color is optional. (Add NW suffix to cat. #)]

UL / cUL File #E21609

AWH-PE -  Pneumatic/Electric switch. Factory set at 10 psig to “make” on pressure drop. May be field wired to “break” on pressure drop. Pressure set point adjustable to 30 psig. (Field installed.)
AWH-R2 (24 volt) & AWH-R12 (120 volt) -  Time delay relay 40-60 seconds to close when energized. Use 120V or 24V power supply from remote source. (Field installed.)
AWH-S-1 -   1” deep surface mounting frame for semi recessed installation.
AWH-S-2 Same as above except 2” deep.
AWH-SM -   Surface mounting frame for surface installations.  Painted to match heater decor, 313/16” deep.
LFK-SFC - 14 Gauge security front cover.

1. For wall mounting - Do not install back box closer than 8 inches from floor or adjacent wall.
2. Do not install heater behind towel rack, behind door, in floor, in closet, in ceiling or where air flow may be obstructed. All controls are concealed behind the front cover making them essentially tamper proof. They will accommodate pneumatic/electric or low-voltage controls commonly used with computerized energy management systems.

QMark AWH 4408 4KW Electric Wall Heater, 208 volts, 1 phase

QMark AWH 4404 4KW Electric Wall Heater, 208/240 volts, 1 phase

QMark AWH 4407 4KW Electric Wall Heater, 277 volts, 1 phase

QMark AWH 4508 4.8KW Electric Wall Heater, 208 volts, 1 phase

QMark AWH 4504 4.8KW Electric Wall Heater, 240 volts, 1 phase

QMark AWH 4507 4.8KW Electric Wall Heater, 277 volts, 1 phase

QMark AWH 4506 4.8KW Electric Wall Heater, 600 volts, 3 phase

QMark AWH 44083 4KW Electric Wall Heater, 208 volts, 3 phase

QMark AWH 45083 4KW Electric Wall Heater, 208 volts, 3 phase

QMark AWH 44043 4KW Electric Wall Heater, 240 volts, 3 phase

QMark AWH 45043 4KW Electric Wall Heater, 240 volts, 3 phase

An upgrade to the AWH is Q'Mark SmartSeries Wall heaters that have a touch screen for programming the heater for temperature and times of day.


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